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January 2, 2012
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"Hey Gee, need any help?"

Gerard Way slammed his locked shut, turning to face his short stalker. Frank stood there, looking up at him with puppy dog eyes and a massive grin on his face. His school bag looked about ready to burst, but he still followed Gerard around every day, asking if he could carry something, or fetch something, or do his homework for him, or just breathe in his air. The older boy was getting tired of turning the first year down, especially when he tried to hide his little forlorn face when he wasn't able to do Gerard any favours.

"Look, Frankie, I'm fine. I don't need you to do anything for me right now, ok?" Gerard sighed, trying to walk away from the midget in front of him. Frank stepped in front of him, preventing him from going to the cafeteria and getting the cup of hot chocolate he'd been longing for. "What now?"

"It's just, you... you look like you need someone." Frank said, biting his lip gently. Gerard rolled his eyes, pushing past Frank in the least cruel way he could manage.

"Frank, if I needed someone, I'd join a dating website." Frank continued to follow the older boy, hurrying to keep up. Gerard had much longer legs than the poor boy, and Frank was getting out of breath running after him.

"Gerard, wait!" Frank called, panting quietly as Gerard turned on his heel to glare at his admirer. Frank skipped towards him, gazing up at the godly being above him. "I, uh... are you sure I can't do anything for you, Gerard? Cause I really wanna help you with stuff and if there is anything, tell me, cause I'd do anything for you and-"

"Frank, please. Just stop following me around, all I want is to relax in the library with a hot chocolate and nothing more. Do you understand me?"

"I'll get you the hot chocolate!" Frank squeaked, rushing off to the cafeteria. Gerard sighed, following the elf-like boy. How could one person manage to be so annoying? It had all started on Frank's first day, when the boy had asked if Gerard needed anything. Gerard had let him carry some of his books to his next class, and the mosquito of a boy had followed him around every day ever since. Frank was there at every one of Gerard's classes, just in case he needed some sort of pack mule to carry his books, or his pencils, or his papers, or his homework, or just him.

Gerard had tried to make his brother, Mikey, talk to him. Mikey was in the year just above Frank, so maybe Frank would latch on to Mikey instead. He hadn't, it had only made him more obsessed with Gerard. Somehow, Mikey had let it slip that Gerard liked it when people pampered him, and Frank had instantly stored that in his mind of minds. It was probably only a matter of time until Gerard found bath fizz and massage oils in his locker, with a note from Frank confessing his odd, unbreakable, undying love for him. Or at least something along the lines of that.

The cold air pinched at Gerard's cheeks as he left the main building. He rubbed his gloved hands together and brought them up to his scarf, pulling it up to his nose. Winter was cruel this year, frosting the whole town of Belleville over but not quite letting it snow. Gerard wished he had his best friend Ray's hair, that fluffy mess of warmth would be perfect for this weather. The very thought of it warmed Gerard up slightly, thinking of how cosy it must be to have that amazing chocolate cloud on top of his head. He finally reached the library, pushing the door open and stepping into the warm, cosy room. He let out a happy sigh, which made the librarian frown at his joy.

"Hey, Gerard!" Ray called, waving his friend over to his spot next to the desk. Gerard grinned, bounding over to his best friend and sitting on the chair opposite him. "Jesus, Gee, you look frozen,"

"S'cause I am," Gerard grumbled, scrunching his nose up. He couldn't feel most of his face, and his fingers felt about ready to fall off at any second. "I need my hot chocolate,"

"Why didn't you get it on the way?" Ray questioned, running his fingers through his fluffy mop of hair. "I mean, you usually-"

"Gerard!" a shrill voice called, interrupting Ray. The librarian scowled even more, glaring at the short boy running through the doors and waving at Gerard, hot chocolate in hand.

"That's why." Gerard sighed, watching Frank rush over to the two boys. The boy beamed proudly as he presented Gerard with his hot chocolate. Ray furrowed his eyebrows at the boy who was standing uncomfortably close to Gerard, watching his take a sip of the boiling hot drink.

"Is there anything else I can do for you?" Frank smiled, sitting down on a cushion. Gerard shook his head, thanking Frank for getting the hot chocolate. Frank continued to watch him sip his drink, seemingly intent on watching him drink the whole cup before he left. Ray sighed, standing up.

"I'm gonna go, Gee. I'll uh... I'll see you tomorrow," Ray said, eyeing the younger boy, who was gazing at Gerard like he was the best thing since sliced bread.

"Aw, Ray, don't go," Gerard whined, looking up at his friend with pleading eyes. Ray shook his head, waving as he left the warmth of the library and stepped into the freezing cold yard. Frank seemed oblivious to the fact that he'd made Ray leave; he just kept staring at Gerard with infatuated eyes and his head cocked slightly to the side. Gerard took a few more sips of his hot chocolate before looking down at Frank. "Listen kid, what do you want?"

"What do you mean? I only want to help you..." Frank muttered, hugging his legs to his chest and blinking rapidly. Gerard rolled his eyes, shaking his head at the first year boy.

"What do you want from me, Frank? Cause to me, it seems like you're either one of Santa's stray elves, or you fancy the fuck out of me." Frank looked down at his shoes, biting his lip anxiously.

"I uh... I kinda like you... a lot..." Frank mumbled, sniffling slightly. Gerard knelt down, raising Frank's head to look him in the eyes. He raised an eyebrow, smirking playfully at Frank's worried expression. Gerard leaned forward, gently pressing his lips to Frank's. Frank's eyes widened as Gerard's hands slowly wrapped around Frank's slim waist, pulling him closer into the kiss. Frank pulled away, placing his head in the crook of Gerard's neck.

"Can you stop following me around like a lost sheep, now?" Gerard smirked, pressing a soft kiss to Frank's forehead.

"Ok, fine," Frank smiled, breathing in Gerard's scent of coffee, cigarettes and Lynx. "But I did say I thought you needed someone,"

"If you say that again, I'll send you back to Santa, silly elf,"
sweet jesus, i've written a frerard. honestly though, i kinda love this, it's sweet :3
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